1. city file

    that stormcloud
    was off on
    the horizon
    we are walking towards it
    and there is a wind
    a change of season
    blowing it here
    march is a difficult month
    for people, i am told.

     that stormcloud 
    over our heads
    rain on a patch of tin
    on an elderly building
    in front of us
    we stop to watch


    such quiet drops
    on the window pane we walk by
    and behind the window pane
    a woman
    an elderly woman tailoring pants
    wearing a knitted cap, laughing
    waving because
    we are caught in the rain

    the building beyond us
    and its gradual wearing down
    wind slipping beneath the paint
    and pulling it from the cement wall
    patched with tin
    pieces of robin blue wet
    and streaked with dirt
    blowing around us 
    falling to the ground like leaves

    this stormcloud over us
    this stormcloud
    blow us to pieces
    i am told
    march is a difficult month

    we’ve reached the building now
    we listen to the rain
    (watch the building)

    the paint chips are
    falling to a pile
    blowing to pieces
    at our feet.

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